Value of Service

Our recent move to the Walter Bros. complex at 3220 S. Higuera St. has been extremely easy because of our service-oriented landlord.  The company provides a full-time, onsite maintenance staff who seem to always have a solution for whatever we mention.  First, it was great to learn that the maintenance staff would hang our pictures for us.  That meant all we did was stand and point to where we wanted the pictures.  Second, when they noticed the location of two file cabinets could possibly block the exit from the back of the office in case of an earthquake, they bolted the file cabinets to the wall to prevent that possibility.  Third, when one of our employees complained of noise from a neighboring office, acoustical wall sound barriers were installed within a couple of hours.  We’ve only been here a week and we are already settled into a comfortable and efficient operation.  Much of that is due to the service- oriented landlord with a top-notch maintenance team!

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