To Multi-Task or Not

The question of whether it is best to multi-task or not has been an ongoing discussion between my husband and myself for many years — both at work and at home. I considered my organizational skills to be “superior” because I am “excellent” at multi-tasking. Why do just one thing when you could easily be doing two or three?

My husband has never understood “how” or “why” I would feel the necessity to multi-task. I assumed I was clearly right until reading a recent article in a staffing newsletter stating that people who multi-task are often less productive than those who perform one task at a time. I doubt that I change my ways or my mind just as I doubt he will change his ways or his mind, but the article has made me think about my “superior” efficiency!  Perhaps that “one thing at a time” has merit.  I’ll think about it while talking on the phone, answering e-mails and thinking about our next temporary placements.

Julia Aguilar

#efficiency #multitasking #onethingatatime


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