Time to Consider Reentry, Moving Up and Training

A survey recently conducted by the American Staffing Association showed that 40% of unemployed U.S. adults (excluding retirees) are currently seeking work and 72% of those are confident that they will find a job within the next year. With the current low unemployment rate in our area, the opportunities of unemployed individuals with good skills finding positions are indeed excellent.  The improved job market is also a good time for those under employed to explore job opportunities both in their current field and in other fields. The ASA survey showed that 73% of the unemployed not currently seeking employment would be willing to work in a new field if training were provided.  Those considering reentering employment should consider training opportunities available online, at local colleges, at local providers such as America’s Job Center and at local businesses.  Employers are increasingly willing to provide on-the-job training for entry level positions.  Entry level positions frequently have the potential for promotions once skills are learned and demonstrated through work performance.  It is a wise idea for those new to the job market as well as those considering reentering the workforce (whether unemployed or retired) to consider new fields.  Second and third careers can be extremely rewarding!  With the current low unemployment rate and numerous employers seeking to hire, this is an excellent time to consider your options.

Julia S. Aguilar

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