Strong Job Applicants Often Receive Multiple Job Offers

It is definitely an applicant’s job market as San Luis Obispo’s unemployment rate remains around 3%. Employers are disappointed when their “first choice” of candidates receive multiple job offers or has accepted another job before their offer is made.

June may ease the job market for employers slightly as students enter the workforce following graduation from high schools, community colleges and four-year colleges. Also, as wages rise because of minimum wage increases and the continuing low unemployment, people who are currently employed are beginning to look for jobs that pay more, are more enjoyable, or better fit their career or personal goals.

A recent survey by Robert Half found that approximately 59% of job seekers received two or more offers at the same time when applying for jobs. The study further showed that most candidates make a decision on accepting a job within two or fewer days. We find that many applicants are ready to accept the right job as soon as it is offered.

Reasons job seekers in the survey chose one job over another included:

  • Salary

  • Benefits

  • Advancement potential

  • Commute

  • Responsibilities or challenges of the position

For employees, think about the reason you are changing jobs. Is it for more money? Is it to shorten your commute? Is it to find a job where you will enjoy coming to work each day? Is it for schedule flexibility? Consider your reasons carefully as you evaluate which offer to accept or whether to keep searching!

For employers seeking to fill open positions, be cognizant of the fact that top tier candidates will likely receive multiple offers. The offers may come quickly, particularly for skilled and/or experienced candidates. Decide who you want to hire as quickly as possible, make the best offer you can justify and, hopefully, you will hire your “first choice” for your position.


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