Retirees – Consider Working as a Temp

My brother consistently gives the advice, “Don’t ever retire” to his younger brothers and to his “still working” sister. He enjoyed a very successful career as a farmer before turning his farm over to his daughter and son-in-law more than five years ago. He has the financial ability to do whatever he wants. He owns enough land to undertake projects which “keep him busy” such as building ponds. He hunts with family and friends; he fishes many summer evenings and he cooks dinner for a “still working” friend most evenings. Though he has a “good life”, he misses working.

Many of the retirees who apply for temporary or part-time work with our company, San Luis Personnel Services, share my brother’s view of retirement. They enjoyed good jobs, successful careers and are often financially secure. However, they miss the interaction of co-workers and are, frankly, sometimes bored. And, the extra money can make it easier to justify and enjoy travel, dining out, and a variety of hobbies and adventures.

Temporary work can be an option for a few days, a few weeks, several months or for years. If you are retired and sometimes bored or want to earn some extra money, give us a call at 805-544-1800 to talk about temporary opportunities.

-Julia S. Aguilar