Moving On Up!

A very positive trend for workers seeking or considering upward job mobility was reflected in a recent article in The Tribune. The article, “More People in U.S. are Quitting Their Jobs” stated that it is becoming more common for people to quit their jobs — a 17 percent increase in the past year. This is a key trend for job opportunities–one which has not been seen very often since 2008. The trend is apparent in the restaurant and retail industries and will likely emerge in other industries.

Most people quit jobs to take higher-paying jobs. This trend will bring opportunities for workers in two areas: job opportunities to replace those who “quit and moved on up” and higher wages to increase retention of those hired and those currently in positions.

It will also bring new career opportunities for those who “move on up” and more satisfied and motivated employees for employers hiring those “moving up” as well as those hired or retained at higher wages.  It is indeed a positive trend for all: employers, job seekers, current employees and the U.S. economy!

Julia Aguilar

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