Make the Right Hiring Decision — Quickly

In a recent forum for staffing firms, we were asked to identify our greatest difficulty in filling positions. An overwhelming number of responses from participants indicated that delayed decision-making from client companies is by far their greatest reason for incomplete or failed placements.

This is a trend we have been noticing frequently in 2015. Our client companies are losing one or more top candidates because other job offers are made while waiting for an interview to be scheduled or for all decision makers to have input. Multiple interviews with a company or summer vacations often stretch the process out for a month or longer. Some candidates just cannot financially afford to wait a month for employment decisions. Others choose to accept the first job offered because they just prefer to settle the question of where they are going to work without further interviews or job searches.

Many of today’s strongest candidates are relocations or recent college graduates. Typically, they are eager and ready to begin work. With the current low unemployment rates, strong candidates are frequently offered one or more jobs. A second factor is the financial need mentioned above. Many candidates just cannot afford to wait if there is a “start now” offer from another company.

Candidates currently employed and seeking advancement opportunities will sometimes wait for a decision from a company they particularly want to work for. Those relocating with a partner or those wishing to remain in SLO after graduation often take the first reasonable offer.

We recommend considering ways to make hiring decisions as quickly as possible. Consider phone, FaceTime or Skype interviews for those managers not available onsite or for out-of-town candidates. Managers may be able to use trusted substitutes to conduct interviews or to make hiring decisions.

The recent forum indicated that this is an issue throughout the United States. It’s important to make the right hiring decision—quickly!

Julia Aguilar