• Julie Aguilar

Make Rapid Hiring Decisions

With the current extremely low unemployment, including on the Central Coast, applicants are increasingly being hired “on the spot”. Rapid Hire events where some jobs are offered “on the spot” are being held by some companies.

California state government currently has about 31,000 open positions. Department recruiters are hosting rapid-hire events in some underserved and rural areas in an attempt to fill some of the vacancies.

At San Luis Personnel Services, we are encountering more and more instances of applicants calling to cancel a pending interview or to withdraw their application from a position they interviewed for a few days earlier because they “just received another offer”. Some of these are an “on the spot” offer at the time of the interview.

Applicants may miss out on the opportunity to work for a company or in a position they most wanted because a hiring decision was delayed for even a few days. The applicant sometimes decides to go by “a bird in hand” and take the first position offered even if it was not their first choice. Companies too often lose their first-choice candidates because of delays in scheduling interviews or in making final hiring decisions.

While schedules, budgets and other priorities sometimes delay the opportunity to make hiring decisions, it is indeed a Best Practice to make those hiring decisions as quickly as possible.

- Julia S. Aguilar