It’s Time for Sports!

One of the most enjoyable times for parents is watching their children participate in sports. There is the pressure of hoping your child will get a hit or catch a ball in softball and baseball, make a hoop in basketball, score a goal in hockey or score a touchdown in football. Then there is the great joy when you see their successes!

Sports teach children from 5 years old through high school and college to be team members, to celebrate victories and to endure defeats. Friends from Little League through college remain friends for a lifetime both for players and for their families.

As employers, we need to be supportive of sports for the good of both parents and players. Allow scheduling flexibility whenever viable. Flexibility could include allowing employees to leave early on game days, approving make-up time if requested, allowing remote work schedules on game days, etc.

Employees will be more productive if they are not stressed over getting to a game in time or missing a game. Children will be delighted to see their parents in the stands cheering them on.

And, if you are as lucky as we are at SLPS, you will even receive Snapchat updates when players get a hit, make a great catch or strike out the opposing team!

Julie Aguilar

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