Impressive SLO High School Students

I recently was part of the Rotary interview team to select high school sophomore and junior students to attend Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) camp held in Ojai and sponsored by local Rotary Clubs each year. As a long-time Rotarian, I’ve known of RYLA for years. We’ve heard enthusiastic attendees year after year describe their experiences and how RYLA camp changed their lives. I truly did not understand the value of the camp and the great leadership training opportunity Rotary is providing until I listened to the responses of the students competing for this year’s awards. It was truly amazing to listen to the responses from students concerning their college aspirations, their community involvement, their school involvement, etc. I was also impressed by the questions they asked us concerning Rotary and leadership. In the end, I wished every student who had been selected for the interview process could be awarded the opportunity to attend. Ranking students was truly quite a task! Congratulations to those selected to attend. I’m sure they will be among SLO’s community leaders of the future. Julia Aguilar

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