Importance of Soft Skills

A recent AP article reported that top employers are “picker than ever” when considering recent college graduates for positions in their companies. As always, employers want to hire graduates with good grades. Increasingly, employers are also seeking graduates with soft skills — new hires who can work well in a team environment, who can write and speak with clarity, who can quickly adapt to changes in technology and who can comfortably interact with colleagues from different cultures. The article quoted a researcher, Joseph Krok, who stated, “Soft skills tend to differentiate good college graduates from exceptional college graduates.”

This statement will hold true for employees at all levels: Soft skills often differentiate good employees from exceptional employees.  When selecting or promoting employees, don’t overlook the value of soft skills.  The individual who got grades of “C” in some college courses may rate an “A” in soft skills!  That may well make them an “A” employee!

Julia Aguilar

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