Holiday Season is the Perfect Time to Apply for Jobs

Many people seeking employment or considering making a job change decide to wait until “after the holidays” to apply. The truth is there are significant advantages to applying during the holidays: 1. Jobs listed on Job Boards or websites during the holidays are jobs that must be filled. Jobs that “can wait” or are budgeted to begin in the new year are often not listed until after the first week of January. 2. There are fewer applicants during the holidays so Human Resources, recruiters and others hiring authorities have more time to consider the applications that are submitted. Candidates who are solid, but do not meet all desired hiring criteria may well be called for an interview during this time of slower hiring.  During the interview process, you will have an opportunity to let the prospective employer know why you would be the right person for the job opening.

If you are seeking a job or thinking of changing positions, don’t wait until mid-January.  Take time to check out job boards during the next few weeks.  If you see a position of interest, apply for it!  You may secure the position you are seeking now rather than after the first of the year.  That could very well make for a very Happy New Year!

Julia Aguilar

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