Fond Farewell to Katy

The experiment worked! A year ago, we decided to add an entry level HR position to our recruiting team. We contacted Cal Poly for applications and hired Katy, a rising senior at the time. Our goal was to help prepare Katy for a career in HR whether with us or with another company.

Katy’s aptitude, skills and attitude were superb from the beginning. She quickly became adept at job postings, resume evaluations and phone screens. As the year went by, she learned to help administer employee benefits and worker’s compensation requirements. Her Senior Project was to update our Procedures Manual for the HR Coordinator position. Of course, she received an “A” from her professor and from us!

About six months ago, she and her fiancé made the decision to move to Montana after she graduated from Cal Poly. They did everything right—researched the area, arranged temporary living quarters, and secured jobs. Katy will receive her B.S. in Business Administration with concentrations in Human Resources and Management this weekend. She and Colby leave for Montana on Tuesday. We wish them great happiness and success in Montana. We also want to thank Katy for making our experiment work!

Julia Aguilar