Follow Through Makes a Difference — Now and in the Future

It seems obvious that anyone seeking a job would follow through on requests from the placement/hiring authority to provide certain information including completing skills testing, providing reference names with contact information and replying to voice, text or e-mail messages.

Failure to follow through is certainly never a positive. Failure to follow through during the placement/hiring process can disqualify you for positions now and in the future. It is often rude; it is always avoidable.

Our Staffing Managers repeatedly experience:

• Candidates who seem viable for open positions failing to complete required skills testing • Candidates provide incomplete resumes and delay or fail to provide a requested current and complete resume • Candidates fail to follow-up with contact information for references or fail to provide additional references when requested • Candidates fail to show for office interviews after confirming by phone or e-mail that they are looking forward to the interview • Candidates fail to return calls in which a position they stated they very much wanted was offered .

We all know that “stuff happens” – sometimes “good stuff” and sometimes “bad stuff”. We know that cars break down, computers don’t work properly and unanticipated personal matters come-up. We know that sometimes candidates get another job, decide the job was not what they anticipated or decide they are not ready to start work.

As a candidate, you will increase your opportunities for securing a position now and in the future, if you follow through by:

• Promptly responding to requests for additional information • Promptly completing skills tests or calling or e-mailing to let Staffing Manager know when you will complete the testing • Calling or e-mailing if you need to change an appointment • Calling or e-mailing if you find another job • Calling or e-mailing if you decide “this is not the job” you want or if you want to delay employment until a later date.

If you do not have time to call or if you are uncomfortable “letting someone down”, be courteous by leaving a voice message after hours or sending an e-mail or text with a brief explanation. It’s the professional and polite way to follow through and will prevent you from being given the designation, “Do Not Consider” for future job openings.

Julia Aguilar

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