Father’s Day – Quiet Support from Daddy

Father’s Day never seems to demand attention as does Mother’s Day. Children are forgiven if they forget to send a card or neglect to call on Father’s Day. My father neither expected nor received the attention upon which my mother thrived. His contributions were far more subtle than those of my mother. He consistently looked at the big picture!

When I was in high school and thought it would be fun to have a retail job, my father told me not to work as there would be plenty of time to work once I was grown. When it was time for college, he repeated his earlier message that he didn’t want me to take a job during college as there would be plenty of time to work once I finished. I believe that not working during those early years made me enjoy and appreciate work much more during my adult years.

When my husband was transferred to California from Georgia shortly after I received a huge promotion, my father told me he didn’t want me to worry about finding a new position quickly in California. He gave me $5,000 and told me to use it if I needed it and, if not, to return it someday. That financial cushion sure made it easier to make the move without worrying about immediately finding a job. Maybe it also gave me confidence as I secured an excellent position just three weeks after our move to California.

I have many memories of the support received from my father throughout the 40 years we shared. He let me make my choices, but I suspect he would have quickly caught me if I had fallen! Knowing that gave me the confidence to take career risks that I would not likely have taken without his early encouragement and support.

Happy Father’s Day to all those quiet, supportive fathers!

Julie Aguilar

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