Don’t be a Dissembler!

Sometimes you hear a word that perfectly describes an inappropriate behavior.  Dissembler is just such a word.  A dissembler is a person who (1) hides under a false appearance or (2) puts on a false appearance by concealing facts or intentions.  We recently observed examples of someone being hired for not being a dissembler and someone not being hired because they were a dissembler. 

In the first situation, an applicant stated that she was terminated after five years of successful performance when a new supervisor was hired.  She was only given the explanation of “employment-at-will”.  She didn’t complain, file a complaint with the DFEH or file a lawsuit.  She simply applied for a new position and gave an honest answer as to the reason she was looking for work.   References supported her explanation of her termination and she was quickly hired into a position preferable to the one from which she was terminated.

In the second situation, an applicant omitted a couple of short-term positions both on her resume and in her interview.  When references were checked, one of her former supervisors  innocently mentioned the two short-term positions that the person had held after leaving their company for “a better opportunity”.  That led to questions about what other information could have purposely been left off of her resume.  It also led to concerns regarding her overall honesty.  The dissembler was not hired for the position and is likely still seeking employment.

Don’t be a dissembler and don’t hire a dissembler!

Julia Aguilar

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