• Julie Aguilar

California Training Requirements – Respect for All (Anti-Harassment) and Human Trafficking

Senate Bill 530, signed by Governor Newsom on October 10th, delays the mandatory implementation of anti-harassment training for temporary and seasonal employees until January 1, 2021. Training had previously been delayed until January 2021 for regular employees, but not for temporary and seasonal employees.

We were pleased that Governor Newsom signed this bill which treats temporary employees the same as all other employees. Certainly, temporary employees are no more likely to harass a co-worker than a regular long-term employee would be.

Effective January 1, 2021 all California companies who employ five or more employees will be required to provide one hour of training for non-supervisory staff and two hours of training for supervisors every two years. Training is to be completed within six months of hire or promotion.

Senate Bill 970 requires twenty minutes of training on Human Trafficking by January 1, 2020 for current hotel and motel employees hired by July 1, 2019. Effective January 1, 2020, training is to be provided within six months of hire.

California Department of Fair Employment and Housing is required to provide a free online training program on Anti-Harassment for both non-supervisors and supervisors. The California Hotel and Lodging Association (CHLA) is offering a 30-minute online training program on Human Trafficking in both English and Spanish to CHLA members at no cost.

The main goals of these two training requirements are (1) to reduce harassment and (2) to assist in identifying and stopping human trafficking. If you have questions about either of the training requirements or if you wish to schedule training programs, call us at 805-544-1800 or visit us at www.slpsobs.com.

-Julia Aguilar


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