Assembly Bill 1825, effective for 2005, requires mandatory training every two years on anti-harassment for managers and supervisors of companies with 50 or more employees. 2015 will be the sixth time (or more) some have attended this training. Assembly Bill 2053, effective for 2015, adds the requirement that abusive behavior be included in the anti-harassment training programs. We named our training program, “Respect in the Workplace” back in 2005 because that is truly the issue addressed by both Assembly Bill 1825 and Assembly Bill 2053. Harassment, discrimination and abusive behaviors continue in too many workplaces. Sometimes this is due to lack of understanding and/or appreciation of each other’s cultures and value systems. Sometimes it is because of flawed personalities. Sometimes managers just make a bad decision. Sometimes managers believe, “This doesn’t apply to me.” None of the reasons are acceptable under the law. Harassment, discrimination and abusive behaviors are not okay. “Respect in the Workplace” improves overall performance of companies through increased productivity, better retention, improved employee and customer relations and, most of all, a more successful and enjoyable workplace for all. Contact us for additional information if you would like to schedule a “Respect in the Workplace” seminar for 2015. Julie Aguilar

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