Another Reason for Conducting Mandated “Respect in the Workplace” Anti/Harassment Training

When I present “Respect in the Workplace” anti-harassment seminars, I include the comment that having all supervisors, managers and owners attend the training mandated by Assembly Bill 1825 could be very helpful in a company’s defense should they ever receive a complaint or claim of sexual harassment.  The attorney for San Diego’s mayor used that point this week when requesting that the city pay for the mayor’s legal defense because Mayor Filner never received the California mandated training.  In a letter to the city, his attorney wrote that Mayor Filner may not have known what constitutes sexual harassment since he had not received the training either in his position in San Diego or in his 10 terms in Congress.

While repeating a version of the anti-harassment seminar every two years can appear to be redundant, the recent situation in San Diego indicates that there is a continuing need for education on this very topic!  It is always eye-opening to look at new harassment cases as I update our “Respect in the Workplace” seminar each year.  New cases surface at various levels of employment as well as in various types of public and private operations.  Recent news including eight women accusing the San Diego mayor of sexual misconduct have  brought this topic to the forefront once again!

Don’t assume that all of your supervisors, managers and owners understand what constitutes sexual harassment.   Schedule your  “Respect in the Workplace” seminar and stay in compliance with Assemby Bill 1825.  It may prevent disrespectful or inappropriate behavior and it will be helpful to your company’s defense should you have a complaint of sexual or other harassment.

Julie Aguilar

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