Father’s Day

In 2016, my brothers and I celebrated the anniversary of our father’s 100th birthday. My father (Daddy Roger) was one of the smartest and kindest people I’ve ever met. He often quoted Shakespeare, could solve any math problem and wrote wonderful, amusing letters. He was fascinated by the stars in the sky and by space exploration. He played 12 musical instruments by ear and entertained us many times picking the guitar and playing the mouth harp. However, he could not carry a tune and that is one trait he passed along to me. My mother even once told me while I was singing a hymn in church that I sung like my father and I’m sure that was not a compliment on either of our voices.

He taught all of us to be interested in politics. I don’t think any of his six children have ever failed to vote in an election. I recall him always reading the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Reader’s Digest.

He turned down a college scholarship because he didn’t want to leave his hometown girlfriend who later became our mother. Our parents were married for forty years and died just four months apart. I have no doubt that my mother died of a broken heart following the loss of her “boyfriend”.

Never once did he give me, his only daughter, any inclination that girls were in any way inferior. He assumed I would go to college and enjoy a successful career. Okay, so he did once tell me he didn’t want me to have any children because he didn’t want me to go through the pain of childbirth. He assured me that with five brothers, the sisters-in-law could provide all the grandchildren he needed! I solved this by marrying someone who already had two children.

As I wrote last year, Mother’s Day can never be neglected. Father’s Day does not often get the same attention. This is a good time for all to remember and to thank our fathers for all that they did to enrich our lives.

Julia Shell Aguilar

Staffing Companies–the Experts!

June is the traditional month for graduations…and for starting and restarting careers or for changing jobs. Students graduating this year are likely familiar with job boards, websites, social media and some local and national companies’ websites. Even in this day of various options and low unemployment, it can be quite a challenge to find the job you are seeking. Job searches remain a time-consuming and often an overwhelming process for applicants both with and without experience in job searches.

One option for finding jobs that recent graduates and reentry candidates may not immediately think of is staffing companies. Staffing companies’ business model is built upon matching those seeking jobs with those needing to hire employees. Many staffing companies place applicants in temporary, temporary to hire and direct hire positions. It may be the right option for some who are seeking temporary summer jobs as well as those seeking longer term career positions.

If you would like no-cost assistance with your job search from an experienced placement team, give us a call at 805-544-1800 or contact us through our website. We’re here to help match those seeking jobs with those needing to hire employees!

Julia Aguilar